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What is Vaser Hi Def Lipo?

We understand that you would love to have a wow factor when it comes to your physique. No matter how healthy you eat or the number of hours you spend at the gym, there are certain areas of your body that you have not been able to perfect. You may need the assistance of a plastic surgeon who is trained in VASER Hi Def Liposuction in order to sculpt a more athletic appearance. This procedure is able to remove both the superficial and deep fat from around the targeted muscle groups to enhance the visibility of your lean muscles. As a minimally invasive treatment, it will produce no damage to other body tissue and does not require a general anesthetic. You can simply walk in, have the treatment, and walk out the very same day. There is minimal risk of bleeding, bruising discomfort, and scarring. It also stimulates important collagen production, resulting in rejuvenated, tighter skin.

The VASER Hi Def Lipo technique requires a plastic surgeon, like our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso, to be highly trained in liposculpture, which is what distinguishes this procedure from traditional liposuction: the ability to chisel out six-pack abs, sculpt pecs, lats, obliques, and other muscle groups with spectacular results. Please contact our patient advisors for a consultation at Jeffrey LaGrasso, M.D. in Miami, FL, where we will privately discuss your options regarding VASER Hi Def Liposuction.

What Are the Benefits of VASER Hi Def Liposuction?

The primary benefit of this procedure is its ability to not only remove unwanted fat from the body but to perfectly present the areas of muscle that are left behind. This can give patients a much more lean and toned appearance that they may not be able to achieve through a traditional diet and exercise regimen. In turn, we often find that it enhances their confidence, making them feel much more comfortable with their body.

VASER Hi Def Lipo can be extremely beneficial for patients who would like to remove fat and sculpt muscles on the following areas of their body:

  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Chest
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Waist

How Does Vaser Hi Def Lipo Work?

VASER Hi Def is performed as an outpatient procedure. A local anesthetic is administered to the treatment area to numb the site and shrink the blood vessels (to minimize bruising). A VASER probe, which is around 3-mm in diameter, is then inserted into the fat. Emitting an ultrasonic specific wave for fat, it will gently break down just the fat cells.

Dr. LaGrasso will then sculpt the muscular anatomy through a suction process designed to minimize damage to the adjacent tissues. Once the fatty tissue has been softened, your plastic surgeon will massage the area and use very controlled suction to remove the fat. The small incisions will be bandaged, and you will recuperate in our recovery room.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for VASER Hi Def Lipo?

VASER Hi Def lipo is not a weight loss solution. While you should see a dramatic decrease in the fatty areas that do not respond well to diet and exercise, it is important that you do not rely completely on the procedure for weight loss or weight maintenance. If you are healthy enough for traditional liposuction, you are likely a great candidate for VASER Hi Def lipo as well. Those who may get the longest-lasting results from this treatment:

  • Are in great health overall
  • Are within 25 pounds of their ideal body weight
  • Have realistic ideas about the outcome of the surgery
  • Eat a healthy diet and maintain an exercise routine
  • Have good skin elasticity

What is the Recovery Process After Vaser Hi Def Lipo?

With well-defined, visible underlying muscles from VASER Hi Def, your chiseled body areas will look strong. Whether it be prominent pectorals and upper arms, sculpted abdominal flanks, six-pack abs, or a distinct upper and lower back, the results of the VASER Hi Def procedure are usually best seen after a couple of weeks. Your treatment areas should preserve their sculptured appearance for as long as you maintain a constant weight.

VASER Hi Def Liposuction FAQ

What about cellulite?

During your consultation, you may inquire about cellulite reduction as well. Yes, we offer solutions to help you reduce your cellulite with our VASERsmooth™ cellulite reduction treatment. Both procedures can be performed at the same time.

Are results from VASER Hi Def Lipo immediate?

When waiting to see your results, patience is a virtue. Of course, you will notice that you are smaller, but the definition will begin to appear after the bruising and swelling subside. It could be a few weeks before you see definition. Your treatment areas should preserve their sculptured appearance for as long as you maintain a constant weight.

What areas of the body can be treated with VASER Hi Def Lipo?

Common treatment areas include the abdomen, flanks, chest, back, arms, thighs, and buttocks. The procedure can also enhance muscle definition in these areas, creating a more sculpted appearance.

How long do the results of VASER Hi Def Lipo last?

Results can be long-lasting with proper diet and exercise. The procedure removes fat cells, but the remaining fat cells can expand with weight gain, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential to preserving the results.

How should I prepare for VASER Hi-Def Lipo?

Preparation may include a medical evaluation, stopping certain medications, avoiding smoking, and following specific pre-operative instructions provided by Dr. LaGrasso.

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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso has helped countless people achieve their ideal physique through VASER Hi Def Liposuction. This minimally invasive procedure offers impressive results, with minimal risk and downtime. If you are looking to enhance the visibility of your muscles and achieve a more athletic appearance, contact us for a consultation at Jeffrey LaGrasso, M.D. in Miami, FL. We will discuss your options and create a personalized treatment plan.

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