How Long After Weight Loss Should You Have a Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 04/15/2024

Dr. LaGrasso performs post-weight loss tummy tucks in Miami to improve the patient's abdominal contours with advanced abdominoplasty techniques.


How Effective is Arm Lift Surgery in Correcting Sagging Skin Due to Aging?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 03/15/2024

Arm lift surgery trims excess skin and fat for smoother upper arms, often after weight loss or aging. Learn more about brachioplasty here.


Can Liposuction and Fat Transfer Help Me Achieve Fuller-Looking Breasts?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 02/10/2024

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso can enhance your figure with liposuction and fat transfer to the breasts, resulting in natural-looking results patients love.


Reasons to Consider Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 01/12/2024

BBL surgery enhances the buttocks using your own fat, offering natural results and improved body proportions for individuals in Miami, FL.


How Long Can Tightness Last After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 12/21/2023

Discover how long tightness lasts after a tummy tuck and learn key recovery tips from Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso in Miami, FL.


Will I Have Swelling After Arm Lift Surgery?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 11/07/2023

Learn about arm lift swelling and recovery tips with Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso in Miami.


Enhance Your Lip Volume With Fat Grafting

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 10/11/2023

Discover how to get plumper, natural-looking lips with fat grafting at Jeffrey LaGrasso M.D. in Miami, FL.


How Much Bigger Can the Buttocks Get with a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 09/14/2023

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso proudly performs BBLs in Miami, FL, transferring fat to the buttocks for natural-looking enhancement and a curvier figure.


Will I Be Able to Sleep on My Side After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 08/11/2023

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso explains how to sleep after tummy tuck surgery in Miami, FL, emphasizing recovery and a gradual return to side sleeping.


How Much Smaller Can My Arms Get After Arm Lift Surgery?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 07/19/2023

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso performs arm lifts in Miami, FL. Achieving optimal results involves post-op guidelines and arm toning exercises post-healing.


Transform Your Body with Liposuction and Fat Transfer

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 06/22/2023

Fat removal treatments like liposuction provide contoured results, while a fat transfer adds more volume. Read about body contouring procedures here.


Is it Safe to Sleep on My Back After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 05/26/2023

Brazilian butt lift recovery may involve some effort, but the results are worth it. Read about butt augmentation and where to sleep after surgery.


What Will My Scar Look Like After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 04/29/2023

Learn what degree of scarring you can expect after the incisions from your tummy tuck heal.


Want to Get Rid of Bat Wings? Arm Lift Surgery May be for You

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 03/29/2023

If you have bat wings and are dreaming about toned upper arms, then an arm lift surgery (brachioplasty) might be an ideal choice.


What Areas on the Body Can I Add Volume With Liposuction and Fat Transfer?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 02/27/2023

Are you ready for a curvy figure? Liposuction with fat transfer can restore volume while reducing areas of unwanted fat.


Three Things to Know Before Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 01/26/2023

Learn the top things to expect from a Brazilian butt lift procedure in Miami, FL, and what results you can expect.


Can I Still Get a Tummy Tuck with Diastasis Recti?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 12/28/2022

You may be surprised to learn that a tummy tuck can help to improve your physique while also repairing your abdominal muscle separation.


When Can I Raise my Arms After Arm Lift Surgery?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 11/28/2022

Learn more about what to expect after brachioplasty surgery, including when you’ll have full use of your arms again.


How Long Does the Fat Take to Settle After Liposuction and Fat Transfer?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 10/28/2022

Liposuction and fat transfer procedures can provide the curves you want. Learn about the recovery process after cosmetic treatments at our clinic.


Why You Should Not Sit On Your Brazilian Butt Lift Results

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso | 09/22/2022

For the longest-lasting results possible, it is critical to avoid putting any pressure on your buttocks – including sitting – after BBL surgery.


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