How A Mommy Makeover Can Impact Your Psychological Well-Being

Women, by nature, especially if they are moms, are nurturing, giving and rarely carve out time for themselves. If they do schedule something, just for them, there is usually an essence of guilt around it. Choosing to do an elective surgery, like a mommy makeover, is no different. We are here to provide the information you need on this transforming surgery so that you can lose the “mom guilt” and feel good about the way you look again!

Miami, FL board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso, is a leading expert with mommy makeovers. By understanding exactly what bothers you most and using advanced surgical techniques, your body can be transformed to look slimmer, tighter, and younger once again. Let’s face it, when mom feels good about how she looks everyone benefits! So push the guilt aside and take a look at how a mommy makeover can not only help the way you look on the outside but more importantly how you feel on the inside.

Typical target areas for a mom

Pregnancy is demanding on a woman’s body, especially if she has had multiple pregnancies or multiple babies at one time. All Miami moms want to look and feel their best when hitting the beach or going out without the kids but pregnancy can change the way a woman’s body may look. Typical areas affected by pregnancy for moms are usually the breasts, stomach, and certain areas that have changed due to weight gain or fluctuating hormones. A breast lift or breast augmentation with implants along with a tummy tuck are often the most popular choices for a mommy makeover. In addition, some women desire breast reduction surgery to look and feel normal. Some moms even choose liposuction to smooth out and contour certain areas where stubborn fat has “settled” due to pregnancy. So whether you choose to do one or more of these cosmetic procedures, let’s take at look at how a mommy makeover not only will change how a mom looks but also how it can be a life-changing boost for a mom’s overall well-being.

Improving a mom’s self-image

When a mom has exhausted all efforts to improve her post-pregnancy body by maintaining a healthy diet and squeezing in some regular exercise, then a mommy makeover can be the answer for that extra boost. A woman’s self-esteem can be affected by how she sees herself when she looks in the mirror. If a mom feels insecure about how she looks it can affect her mood and make her feel self-conscious about how she interacts with others. A mommy makeover can have a tremendous positive effect on moms of all ages because it allows them to once again feel good in the skin they are in and help correct issues that cannot be helped without surgery.

Timing is everything

As with any cosmetic surgery, timing is important. The same holds true for a mommy makeover. It is recommended that women considering a mommy makeover be through with all pregnancies in order to get the best long-term results and psychological benefit. The consideration of being done with pregnancy or growing family is a top priority before having this treatment and will be discussed during the consultation. In addition, make sure you are physically and mentally ready. Any type of plastic surgery can cause some degree of anxiety with planning and preparing for it but it is also about being emotionally ready to change your body image. If you have decided to get a mommy makeover, and are done being pregnant, then you will yield all the benefits both physically and mentally. A makeover will improve the way you look and feel so you can have lasting results.

Taking care of you is important

Most moms today just want to look like they did before they had babies. It is wonderful to be a mom but women tend to put everyone else before themselves. Juggling work, kids, marriage, and other aspects of life typically puts getting your body back into shape on the back burner. A mommy makeover can be life-changing and have a great impact on how Miami, FL moms feel about themselves after having children. The cosmetic help of a makeover can help a mom mentally regain confidence so wanting to avoid a mirror is no longer an issue. After a makeover, moms can see a tighter, younger, rejuvenated figure which will also motivate them to live a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain their new look. A mommy makeover can lift a woman’s spirit and help her feel like not just a mom but more importantly a confident woman again.

Help from a mommy makeover can make a mom feel desirable and sexy again. Most importantly, it can be a gift to yourself after you have sacrificed so much with being pregnant and also being a great mom, wife, friend, etc. Being the best version of yourself will help how you feel stronger inside and can even get you out of that post-pregnancy funk!

Mommy makeover surgery requires skill, experience, and a unique vision from a board-certified plastic surgeon. So if you have decided that a mommy makeover is right for you, step one would be to find the right surgeon to perform your transformation.

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso has helped many Miami, FL moms look and feel great again with countless mommy makeovers. With his expertise and creative sense, he will help you decide what you need for your mommy makeover in order to feel better about you! You can look hot on the outside and feel like a hot mom on the inside with this cosmetic help so call or schedule your mommy makeover consultation with Dr. LaGrasso today.

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