Get Your Body Back! How A Mommy Makeover Can Take You From Mom Bod To Hot Bod!

It can be a challenge and struggle for busy moms to get their bodies back after having children. Working out can often take a back seat, and sometimes, no matter how healthy you eat, you simply cannot rid your body of some of the after effects of pregnancy. That is why you can turn to the cosmetic help of a mommy makeover. This is a combination of treatments ranging from breast augmentation, liposuction, and abdominoplasty (to name a few) to help you look slimmer, tighter, and more youthful in the areas where pregnancy took its toll. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso gives Miami, FL women hope with unique procedures blended together to help moms look and feel their best. Let’s take a look at what a mommy makeover can do for you.

Why exactly should a mom consider a makeover?

After having a baby, aspects of your body. The breasts can appear deflated, loose skin that didn’t exist before now has taken residence to your lower abdomen. These are some of the common demands that pregnancy bestows on a woman’s body. A mommy makeover can help restore your figure by combining cosmetic treatments to target the most hit areas. Basically, an area of the body that has changed due to childbirth or pregnancy that just hasn’t bounced back with a healthy diet and regular exercise, can be included with a mommy makeover.

What does the doctor recommend?

All moms, even in the Miami area, struggle with getting their bodies back after having children. A wonderful aspect of being a woman, is being able to have children, but also one of the most challenging aspects is trying to get your body back to the way it was before you became pregnant. Dealing with excess skin in the stomach area due to weight gain and loss or even changes to your breasts due to pregnancy hormones or breastfeeding can leave them looking ‘deflated’ when done. There are a myriad of changes a mom’s body goes through and a cosmetic makeover can be customized and tailored to your needs. A skilled plastic surgeon such as Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso will help you determine what you need to have done in order to have this life-changing makeover to feel great again!

Typical mommy makeover procedures...

A mommy makeover can help you change different aspects of your body that just haven’t been the same since you had children. A mommy makeover can involve a combination of any of the following procedures:

Cosmetic Breast Surgery: Breast Augmentation, Lift or Reduction

Since pregnancy affects every woman differently, the same goes for a woman’s breasts and what they will look like post-pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones, breastfeeding, weight gain or loss all typically affect a woman’s breasts. Significant changes such as a loss of volume, changes in shape, and in some cases being left with bigger breasts post-pregnancy are all reasons why women consider cosmetic breast surgery as part of their mommy makeover treatment. There are different options with a makeover that can help. A breast reduction can reduce the size of the breasts. A breast lift can tighten and lift breasts that look “droopy” or remove excess skin, in the chest area, left behind due to weight loss. And the most common breast makeover is breast augmentation with implants which can improve the overall shape, size and appearance of the breasts to look even better than before kids!

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) options

Another popular area for a mommy makeover due to pregnancy is the stomach area. A typical tummy tuck or traditional abdominoplasty removes excess fat and skin as well as can tighten underlying abdominal muscles that have been stretched from pregnancy. It can even lessen or in some cases remove the appearance of stretch marks during this procedure. As with all cases, every woman’s needs may vary. After pregnancy, some women may only need a mini tummy tuck while others may need an extended tummy tuck which helps with a larger area of the abdominal region. Women can even have a reverse tummy tuck done, as part of their makeover, if they are struggling with the upper part of their torso. The goal of a tummy tuck surgery is to attain a slimmer, flatter, more toned abdomen that looks younger.


Even women who never had weight problems or areas of bulge before pregnancy can find themselves struggling to lose fat in troublesome areas. In some cases, to complete a mommy makeover, women need help removing stubborn excess fat and slimming down certain areas of the body like their stomach, hips, or thighs. Post-pregnancy, a woman can experience an issue where fatty tissue or fat deposits settle in certain areas and no matter what you do, those areas just don’t seem to improve. Love handles, a belly pooch, saddlebags on the thighs--are all examples of where liposuction can create a slimmer more harmonious outcome.

Skin Rejuvenation

Giving a mom a fresh, new look can also be done facially with help from non-invasive treatments like BOTOX, dermal fillers or other facial rejuvenation options. Pregnancy can also take its toll on your skin and your face is no exception. It can cause more wrinkles, creases and leave skin looking dull due to the fluctuation of hormones. Part of your mommy makeover can include some of these amazing non-invasive options to get that youthful glow back and reduce the appearance of fine lines, so you look more refreshed even though you may be lacking in the sleep department.

Miami women who are ready to reclaim their figures after childbirth can consider a mommy makeover to look and feel good again. Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso has helped countless women get their bodies back after having children. You can look and feel terrific again in your own skin and our Miami, FL plastic surgery staff can help get you started. Call or schedule your mommy makeover consultation with Dr. LaGrasso today!

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