Who Can Benefit From Liposuction with Fat Transfer?

When natural aging slows down natural collagen production, we experience problems, like loss of volume in the skin. Men and women also find it challenging to lose stubborn fat in areas like the back, thighs, and abdomen. Diets and over-the-counter solutions are not enough to create gorgeous results. Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso is proud to offer liposuction and fat transfer surgery to address both issues at once.

So, who is a candidate for liposuction and a fat transfer, and who benefits from body sculpting treatment? When you request a consultation at Jeffrey LaGrasso M.D., we can assess your goals and create a custom surgical plan. Contact our clinic in Miami, FL to learn how we make a difference in your appearance.

About fat removal and transfer

Fat pockets are a common problem for adults of all ages. Liposuction and fat transfer surgery can remove unwanted fat and incorporate it into areas that have become sunken or flat over time. Patients who undergo this procedure are proud to show off a slimmer abdomen or hips while enjoying fuller lips, breasts, or buttocks. Procedures are especially beneficial for individuals who are hesitant about using augmentation techniques, like silicone implants and dermal fillers.

Candidates for body sculpting

Ideal candidates for liposuction and fat transfer should be in good health and near their goal weight. It is essential that you are a nonsmoker who does not have any circulation problems. Please inform us if you have a history of abnormal bleeding or swelling after surgery. Dr. LaGrasso can perform a health evaluation when you come in for an appointment. This will be the best time to discuss your personal health and cosmetic goals. Candidates for body sculpting surgery:

  • Have areas in the face or body that appear sunken and wrinkled

  • Want to address excess fat that interferes with their confidence levels

  • Want a better solution than silicone implants and temporary dermal fillers

Is liposuction and fat transfer safe?

No one is allergic to their own natural fat. People often choose liposuction and fat transfer surgery when they want to avoid the complications associated with implants and dermal fillers. Although all cosmetic procedures come with some risk, treatment is considered safe when candidates are cleared by a qualified plastic surgeon. The team at Jeffrey LaGrasso M.D. can address any concerns or questions you may have about fat removal and give you realistic expectations about your outcomes.

Are my results permanent?

The results of liposuction and fat transfer can last for years as long as you maintain a stable weight and take care of yourself. Losing or gaining too much weight may interfere with your surgical results. While some fat may be reabsorbed after treatment, a skilled professional, like Dr. LaGrasso, can layer the fat carefully to maximize your outcomes. Touch-up sessions are also possible at our clinic if you lose volume or notice new fat pockets in certain areas.

Schedule your body sculpting procedure

Are you near your ideal weight but have some problem spots in Miami, FL? Now you can turn to advanced procedures, like liposuction and fat transfer surgery. Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso can determine your candidacy when you come in for an evaluation at our facility. The trusted staff at Jeffrey LaGrasso M.D. have years of experience helping people achieve the final outcomes they want. Learn about fat removal and more with a personalized treatment plan today.

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