The Popularity Behind The Brazilian Butt Lift

The cosmetic procedure of a Brazilian butt lift is one of the hottest cosmetic upgrades to one’s physique being done right now. More and more Miami area men and women are getting this procedure because it not only helps add curves to their backside but it looks natural. A Brazilian butt lift, also known as a BBL, can provide amazing, natural-looking outcomes for those who want a fuller buttocks with added shape, form, and definition. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso, provides this in-demand procedure for patients in the Miami area. Here, we give you some helpful information on how you can reshape your backside to get the curves you always wanted.

What’s all the buzz about?

One of the main reasons patients in the Miami area are choosing to have a Brazilian butt lift is not only because it give creates a larger, smoother, natural-looking backside but it is a cosmetic procedure that gives patients the benefit of improving two areas of their body at the same time. Even though butt augmentation with implants is still a great option to improve the appearance of your backside, a BBL can contour a certain area of the body with liposuction (such as the hips), then utilizes that unwanted body fat to reshape your buttocks.

How does it work?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is done in multiple steps. The first step is to determine where the fat will come from. Typical areas are the stomach, flank area (‘love handles’) or thighs. Once the area on the body has been pinpointed, it will be marked for fat removal. This step requires the surgeon to make small incisions to perform liposuction and remove the fat tissue and cells. The next step is to put the extracted fat through a purification process so that only the healthy fat remains. By using only the healthy fat during the injection process, the chances for a healthy transfer and for a longer-term survival of the fat cells increases. Finally, a Brazilian butt lift requires an experienced surgeon, like Dr. LaGrasso, to strategically place and inject the healthy fat back into the buttocks in smooth, even layers to reshape and add volume until the desired result has been achieved. Surgeon experience is important during this process because a round, even, smooth result is ul

Its rise in popularity...

In Miami, having curves is an aspect that is popular for the area whether it is showing them off at the beach or at a club. Also, having a curvy backside has made an upswing in popularity due to famous people showing off their “assets” like Jennifer Lopez or The Kardashians. The Brazilian butt lift has taken off as the latest trend in cosmetic procedures for a multiple of reasons. Patients can get a certain area contoured by removing unwanted fat in order to naturally enhance the way their butt looks. Plus more and more people are trying to combat the signs of aging with the help of cosmetic surgery. Your buttocks, like anything else, will change over time. This procedure offers a natural way to get your butt back!

Why not go bigger with implants?

Butt augmentation with implants is still an option for patients wanting to improve their backside but it is not for everyone. Patients who do not have enough body fat to use for a Brazilian butt lift may be considered candidates for implants, but this method is not as popular as a BBL because it is a more complex procedure and increases such factors as the body rejecting the implants. For patients who want to add significant volume to their backside, an assessment will be made as to whether or not there is enough fat to extract and then other options can be considered.

Can a BBL be for me?

No longer are women seen as just waffy or stick figures. Women are seen in all shapes and sizes today including having more curves in their derriere. If you desire to have a little more curve to your butt and want to lose some unwanted fat in another area then you should consider a Brazilian Butt Lift. Like with any cosmetic procedure, a healthy person who doesn’t smoke can be a prime candidate. If you have enough fat that can be removed via liposuction, from another area, then you can consider a BBL. Finding a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso in the Miami area, is the first step to improving your appearance and loving your new curves a BBL can provide!

You no longer have to live with a butt that looks flat and deflated. A Brazilian butt lift can change the shape of your butt and get rid of that “flat” look. Slim down your midsection or thigh area while boosting up the appearance of your butt to get your confidence back! Let a BBL do double duty to make you look fabulous in your bathing suit or those fitted jeans. A Brazilian butt lift can create a silhouette with all the right curves in all the right places.

Let board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso help you get the butt you always desired. His expertise and excellent surgical skill after performing countless BBLs is what sets him apart from the rest. Call or schedule your Brazilian Butt Lift consultation with Dr. LaGrasso of Miami, FL today.

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