How To Prepare For Your Mommy Makeover Surgery

Moms are typically guilty of putting everyone else before them. Making the decision to have a mommy makeover is finally putting yourself first! Pregnancy and having children can exhaust a woman’s body in different ways. Even a healthy diet with regular exercise can still leave a mom struggling with a stomach pooch, sagging breasts, or stretch marks. A mommy makeover is the customizable cosmetic procedure that can give moms their bodies back and even give them the look they have always desired.

Board-certified plastic surgeon and leading expert in the Miami area with mommy makeovers, Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso understands what moms need to transform their bodies. A mommy makeover can help a mom look more fit, slimmer, and rejuvenated! Dr. LaGrasso knows what each mom needs to look their best but most importantly what they need to do prior to their makeover day. Here are some helpful tips on what you need to know before your mommy makeover so you can be better prepared to love your new look!

The decision to have a mommy makeover

Once you have made the decision to have a mommy makeover then your next step is to prepare for this cosmetic transformation and your recovery. Since a mommy makeover can involve one or more cosmetic procedures, it is beneficial to consult a board-certified Miami, FL plastic surgeon, like Dr. LaGrasso. He can explain what each procedure entails and what you need to do for your recovery. He will also share what you need to do before and after surgery, so your mommy makeover goes as smooth as possible.

Pre-surgery preparation

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is always better to be prepared beforehand in order to help with the recovery process. A mommy makeover is no different and is even more important since moms usually take care of everyone else first. Here are some before surgery guidelines to follow:

Arrange help during your recovery

After surgery, you will need help for at least a few days and in some cases up to a week. Finding someone you feel comfortable with that can care for you, your kids, and pets will only allow you to rest easier. The recovery process is very important and when moms feel more at ease with who is helping run their household then it benefits everyone. It can most certainly give mom a quicker recovery.

Be prepared for your recovery

It also helps to be prepared for your recovery. You will need at least a week to fully rest and recuperate. Stock up on groceries, have your medications ready, and in general have your home ready for you to be out of commission for a little while. Also prepare your “recovery space” with what you will need to rest and relax. If you enjoy reading, have books or magazines ready. Get your favorite shows cued up so when you get home you have them readily available. Make sure you have comfortable clothes ready and accessible that are easy to put on or button up. Basically, having what you need ready to make your recovery easier will only make it go smoother.

Good health is key

It always helps to minimize the recovery process when moms are in good shape and healthy prior to surgery. Typically, with mommy makeovers it is advised to wait 6-9 months after your last childbirth in order to give your body time to be fully recovered. Also, a strong immune system and being in overall good health will aid in an easier recovery. Avoiding alcohol and smoking is always highly recommended prior to surgery. Both factors can increase complications post-operative and slow down the healing process.

Post-surgery recommendations

Not only what you do beforehand, to prepare for your mommy makeover, will help with the recovery but what you do during it is just as important. Here are some recovery guidelines to follow:

Follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions

A qualified Miami, FL mommy makeover plastic surgeon, like Dr. LaGrasso, is the key in not only getting great results but also serves as a guide in the mommy makeover recovery process. A surgeon’s follow-up care and protocol instructions are important and should be taken seriously. Certain factors such as rest, staying hydrated, avoiding the sun, taking certain medications, moving certain body parts, etc., are all part of the process. Essentially, following your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions will give you a safer and easier recovery so you can enjoy the way you look sooner!

Rest, rest and more rest

Experienced plastic surgeons know it is hard for moms to rest and relax but it is imperative during your recovery. Resting and not doing too much too soon, especially during the first 2 weeks, is beneficial to your final results. Listen to your body and be gentle with it so you can fully recover. Even if you feel better it is always better to not do too much so your body can continue to heal. Resting and letting your body heal properly will only benefit your end results.

Follow-up appointments

A mommy makeover is a customizable cosmetic procedure and each one varies for every mom. Follow up appointments, with your plastic surgeon, are essential since each mommy makeover involves different procedures. You may be advised to wear compression garments to reduce swelling and help with the healing process but how long you wear them is dependent on your what your surgeon assesses at your follow up appointments. Not skipping and being on time with your post-op appointments allows your surgeon to be a part of your recovery process and assess how you are progressing.

Miami, FL moms ready to look great again can consider the transformation of a mommy makeover and be better prepared when they make the decision to get their bodies back! Taking the necessary steps before and after your mommy makeover will make the journey to a better you be much easier. Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso and his professional team are here to help moms feel and look great again! If you are ready for a mommy makeover then call or schedule your consultation with Dr. LaGrasso today!

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