Prepare for Arm Lift Surgery With These Helpful Tips

Sagging arm skin can be a disappointing and even embarrassing condition for men and women. Excess skin makes it difficult to wear your favorite tops and bathing suits or participate in certain exercises. The good news is that Jeffrey LaGrasso M.D. provides arm lift surgery so you can have thinner and more contoured arms in Miami, FL.

So, what is an arm lift, and what does the recovery process look like? Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso has helped countless people achieve successful results because we walk patients through every part of the process. Attend a consultation or read below to discover how we ensure a speedy arm lift recovery.

Why should I get an arm lift?

While it’s common for people to feel self-conscious about their upper arms, hanging skin can cause big problems for your appearance. Sometimes called “bat wings,” excess skin is often resistant to traditional weight loss methods and can even lead to rashes and infections. Arm lift surgery is a popular procedure that removes the extra skin and tightens the remaining tissue, so your arms appear more toned. This cosmetic surgery can also remove small but stubborn fat pockets for the best outcomes possible.

How we prepare patients for arm lift recovery

An arm lift is a serious procedure, which is why Jeffrey LaGrasso M.D. takes every precaution before moving forward. Dr. LaGrasso provides detailed instructions about your arm lift surgery and will perform an examination to see if you are healthy enough to undergo treatment during your initial consultation. Adults of all ages are generally fit for an arm lift as long as they have significant upper arm skin laxity and are near their goal weight. Patients who plan on losing additional weight should hold off until a later date.

What happens on the day of surgery

Almost immediately after your arm lift surgery, you will experience some swelling and redness. You will need a responsible adult to help you at home for the first 24 hours because pain is also expected. They can make sure you take any prescribed medications and rest as needed. Here are some recovery tips to make your first day of healing more comfortable in Miami, FL:

  • Drink plenty of fluids, like water and caffeine-free tea, to stay hydrated

  • Eat healthy meals so your body can heal more quickly

  • Keep your treatment area clean and covered

  • Apply cool compresses to the treatment area 15 minutes at a time to ease discomfort

Arm lift recovery after several weeks

The good news is you will see more progress each day after your cosmetic surgery. Try not to push yourself too hard and ease into your daily activities. Continue to follow these recovery tips as needed:

  • Do not drive or return to strenuous exercise unless cleared by our office

  • Do not expose your arms to direct sunlight, which can cause scarring

  • Pain, inflammation, and tightness should resolve during this time

  • Attend all follow-up appointments and let us know about any concerning symptoms

Learn more recovery tips from our team

The hardest part of preparing for any cosmetic surgery is not knowing what to expect. If you are ready to undergo arm lift surgery, learn from the specialists at Jeffrey LaGrasso M.D. The goal of Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso and our team is to make sure you are fully prepared for every procedure, no matter how big or small. Contact us to schedule your arm lift assessment in Miami, FL.

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