How to Recover From A Brazilian Butt Lift With Fat Transfer

Round, voluptuous, shapely butts are in style. Beauty trends are continually evolving, but for the past few years, some of the most recognizable celebrities have adopted this new style as a symbol of attractiveness and femininity. A Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, can give many women the volume and fullness needed in the buttocks region to achieve a more balanced figure. Many turn to exercise and diet for a more desirable shape, but sometimes volume cannot be added without the cosmetic help of a butt augmentation. 

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso is a leading expert in the field of plastic surgery. He specializes in procedures for the body, including Brazilian butt lifts and fat transfers. Dr. LaGrasso takes great pride in his meticulous attention to detail so he can deliver superior patient outcomes. If you have been considering a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. LaGrasso is a top choice for helping to ensure your treatment lives up to your expectations.

Patients who opt for a BBL may feel unsure about what it takes to recover or take care of themselves once at home. As with any other surgery, it is essential to be informed about the procedure, plan for recovery, and give yourself time to heal. Read below as Dr. LaGrasso provides an overview of the Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer procedure and what you can expect during the recovery period. 


What is a Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer?

A Brazilian butt lift offers individuals the ability to enhance a flat or saggy derrière, which can be the result of age, genetics, significant weight loss, or gravity. During this procedure, liposuction is employed to remove excess fat from specific areas of the body such as the upper thighs, stomach, or flanks, and then the purified fat is reinjected to add fullness to your buttocks. This process is accomplished by the use of specialized fat grafting and transfer processes.


Recovery expectations

Once the treatment is complete, patients will wear a compression garment that will minimize swelling and bruising, and promote proper circulation and blood flow while the body is healing. Beneath the garment, access to the liposuction sites will be available through a bandage for cleaning and care. It is normal to experience some discomfort, slight bleeding, and numbness in the buttocks and the sites where fat was harvested. Any symptoms that persist longer than anticipated by Dr. LaGrasso should be evaluated in person at our medical office in Miami. At your follow-up appointment, Dr. LaGrasso will assess your progress and let you know when your sutures will be removed. 


Ways to expedite your BBL recovery

Patients who have had a Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer cannot sit directly on their buttocks for at least three weeks following the procedure. Placing undue pressure on the backside can shift or destroy the transplanted fat. Even while sleeping, the best position is on your stomach or side for three weeks following your BBL procedure. This is one of the most critical instructions to follow after treatment. Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso and his skilled staff in Miami, FL, will provide helpful instructions regarding recovering at home so you can ensure you are taking the necessary measures to protect your enhancement. Some things to remember:


  • Wear your compression garment until Dr. LaGrasso gives the go-ahead to stop wearing it.
  • Refrain from squatting or stretching for three weeks. These activities cause pressure in the buttocks and can kill the transplanted fat. 
  • Quit smoking or using tobacco products as soon as possible. In addition to slowing the natural healing process, smoking causes a condition called vasoconstriction, or the narrowing of the blood vessels. This can decrease oxygen delivery to the newly transplanted fat. 
  • Avoid activities including strenuous cardio exercise, sexual intercourse, driving, swimming, and the use of hot tubs for three weeks. 
  • Use sunblock protection when outdoors and try to keep your surgical incisions out of direct sunlight. 
  • Do not apply ice to your buttocks or any other surgical area, especially areas that may feel numb. You may develop frostbite as a result. 
  • Take all your prescription medications as directed. If you need to make changes to your medication, please contact our office so we can be of assistance.
  • Eat your carbohydrates for two months after your BBL. Carbohydrates will provide you with the energy you need to recover.


If you experience severe or worrying symptoms such as excessive swelling or bleeding, or if your temperature rises above 101.5 degrees, call Dr. LaGrasso immediately. 


Ready to learn more about the Brazilian butt lift?

We understand you may have a lot of questions about a Brazilian butt lift or fat transfer and what to expect during recovery. Our dedicated staff will take the necessary time to review the most commonly asked questions at our state-of-the-art facility. Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso and his team are committed to patient satisfaction. For more in-depth information about this procedure, call our Miami, FL, office today to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

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