How Do I Get Rid of Unwanted Fat? Is Surgical Liposuction The Answer?

Sometimes it seems impossible to get rid of unwanted fat even though you diet and exercise, but surgical liposuction may be able to help. In Miami, FL where the weather is warm year-round, having a slimmer figure and shapelier silhouette is desired because you simply wear less clothing than in other areas. If you want to get a slimmer body and finally tackle your “battle of the bulge”, consider liposuction to help meet your goals.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a great way and an effective method to surgically remove unwanted fat. It removes fat from your body in areas known to be troubling, such as the abdomen, hips, flanks, and thighs. It can help improve your shape and reach that goal weight you are inches away from attaining. In most cases, general anesthesia or some form of IV sedation is used while your surgeon uses a cannula to remove fat cells from under the skin. Liposuction can be used in one area or multiple places depending on your aesthetic goals. Keep in mind that this procedure does not address loose or excess skin. In cases such as these, a skin removal or skin tightening procedure would be recommended. .

Who can do it?

Whether you’re wanting that striking figure for the beaches of Miami or you want to fit into your favorite jeans again, liposuction can help you get there. It’s important to have realistic expectations. On average, liposuction can decrease a person’s weight by 10 pounds, which might not seem like a lot, but it’s the inches that most patients love to see reduced. We recommend that patients be at or near their goal weight, or roughly within about 30% of the way to your ideal weight. It’s important to have some firm, but flexible skin and you won’t be a smoker. Tobacco use can compromise your results, so try and break the habit before you have liposuction. Be sure to tell us about any health problems since they can be a problem during surgery.

Why should I do it?

Many people who have liposuction surgery have been thinking about it for a long time. In fact, it can cause some stress every time you put on your jeans, bathing suit, or a fitted piece of clothing. Having a slimmer body will give you the confidence that you always wanted and surgical liposuction can help you. A higher confidence level can actually improve your mental health and overall state of happiness. Trying to fit into those favorite jeans are the last thing you need to worry about. You have a busy life and you should be able to enjoy it. This procedure allows you to stop obsessing about the bulge, and focus on the more important things in life, such as family, friends, and your career.

What’s going to happen?

Before the surgery, you will have a thorough consultation about the surgery, including where on the body most troubles you, which is where the fat will be removed. It will also be discussed how long it’s going to take, how much weight you’re going to lose, and if you have any medical conditions or known allergies.

For the most dramatic results, surgical liposuction is generally recommended, especially for patients with more excess fat. However, there are a couple different ways to do liposuction, including ultrasound-assisted and laser-assisted liposuction. We can discuss which technique is best for you. All of these variations use something to help loosen the fat and liquefy or remove it all together. Another option is liposculpture, which is a type of liposuction. The focus of this treatment is on sculpting the body instead of solely focusing on fat removal. Think about what you want from the surgery and see if it would work for you.

Regardless of what form of liposuction you decide is best for you, you’ll go home the same day after your treatment. In the following days, you’ll need to rest and limit strenuous activity so that your body can heal. It is common to see some bruising and redness after the treatment, but within a few short weeks, your figure will take shape and you will love your new slimmer results. These results can last years as long as you adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

Many patients ask, will the fat come back? The answer to this is no. Once fat cells are removed using liposuction they cannot come back. That is the good news! However, new fat cells can form. That is why a healthy diet remains very important after liposuction so that you can help keep your new shape lean and trim.

What else should I know?

You should know your surgeon before you go to the consultation. Research them, their credentials, read their online reviews, and view their results. Make sure they have experience with liposuction and they understand what you want from the procedure.

It was stated earlier, but remember that this procedure will remove your unwanted fat, but it will not address loose skin. If you have excess fat but you also have loose skin (or poor skin laxity), a skin tightening procedure may be something that needs to be discussed.

Not every patient is a candidate for liposuction. A good plastic surgeon may turn patients away if they do not understand expectations. For example, if you want too much fat taken out, or are looking at this surgery as a way to lose weight, it is possible that the request for surgery may be rejected. However, if enough fat is there and liposuction is the answer, multiple surgeries may be performed in 10-pound increments, or whatever is deemed safe. Safety is key in any plastic surgery treatment and anything over that amount may lead to skin rippling or safety risks. Another thing to keep in mind is that surgical liposuction doesn’t help remove cellulite, or the dimply skin at the back of the thighs. It will help slim and smooth the area, but cellulite reduction is often considered a different treatment.

Finally, most insurance companies don’t cover this procedure. Costs generally run about $3,400 and that doesn’t include other fees. Keep this in mind when you’re looking into the surgery.

If surgical liposuction sounds right for you, research and call our Miami, FL plastic surgery center and learn more about how you can get the shape you want and deserve!

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