Can Arm Lift Surgery Tighten My Skin After Massive Weight Loss?

A great pair of arms is a show-stopper. And something that can almost instantly make someone look younger, more athletic, and more energetic. Yet, the aging process cares not for our wishes. It trends the other way. As the years roll by, our arms can look ever flabbier. It’s an inescapable reality of aging. Even losing weight, a great accomplishment, can result in empty-looking skin, making an individual unjustly feel less accomplished.

Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso can help roll back the effects of aging with an arm lift, or brachioplasty. So, contact us today at Jeffrey LaGrasso MD in Miami, FL to find out more.

An arm lift can transform your entire appearance

Brachioplasty offers a benefit that has to be felt, and seen in the mirror, to be believed: the improved fit of your clothes. You’ll notice almost everything seems to fit better, and you’ll be more excited than ever to show off your newly accentuated arms. In fact, you may find yourself shopping for a new, more form-fitting (or even sleeveless) wardrobe.

Plus, you’ll no longer feel self-conscious about your arms every time you go to the beach, swimming pool, gym, or anywhere else. Though you’ll find that your boosted confidence will improve just about every aspect of your life, giving you a new zest for daily activities. In addition to looking younger overall, you’ll be more comfortable, without that extra skin or fat weighing you down or causing rubbing and the resultant skin irritation.

Generally, those who seek an arm lift have lost significant weight in the past and now suffer an unaesthetic anchor of loose skin dangling from the arms. Others may have succeeded in weight loss but still harbor a bit of adipose tissue in these brachial regions.

Alternatively, older individuals may be plagued by sagging, excess skin, which may arise due to gravity and the breakdown of connective tissues that inevitably occurs with aging. However, even patients at a normal weight may pursue an arm lift if they’re concerned about the appearance of their arms and desire a bit of tightening.

Arm lift surgery tightens skin and removes sagging after massive weight loss

Brachioplasty is an outpatient procedure that requires general anesthesia and takes about two hours. Patients who have undergone dramatic weight loss regimens may only need skin removal, though others may still harbor some fat in this area. If so, we can also perform liposuction for slimming results in Miami, FL.

During the procedure, Dr. LaGrasso makes an incision that may run from the elbow to the underarm or may sometimes extend to the chest. We then carefully trim excess skin, remove fat if necessary, then tighten the muscles and other tissues to give you a transformed, leaner look.

And though we take the utmost care to minimize scarring, some may remain visible, which should be factored into one’s decision. After complete healing, which may take several weeks, we recommend maintaining general health and fitness, as weight gain can compromise one’s results. Furthermore, exercise can build muscle and further improve the contour of the upper arm to really take your results over the top.

Get in touch today and you’ll be going sleeveless before you know it

Unfortunately, all the biceps curls in the world may not undo the sagging caused by aging and massive weight loss. But that’s where we come in. Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has transformed countless physiques. And if you’d like to look younger, and be more confident and comfortable in everyday life, reach out to us at Jeffrey LaGrasso MD in Miami, FL.

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