Can A Miami Fat Transfer Specialist Make Your Body Weight More Proportionate?

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Do you have fat in unwanted areas of your body?

What if you could slim down problem areas such as your waist and hips or even your knees while plumping up your bottom?

Many suffer from this issue and have resulted in going through with a fat transfer. A fat transfer creates a more proportionate body shape for patients who have fat to spare on their bellies, love handles, and thighs.

The procedure, also known as a Brazilian butt lift, helps people like you achieve the desired body shape you've dreamt about without the need for implants. 

Have you thought about a Miami fat transfer, but aren't sure how if its right for you?

Keep reading to learn how a fat transfer is performed, if you're a good candidate, and how much it costs to achieve your dream body.

What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting uses your existing fat and transfers it to another part of the body.
How does it work? A fat transfer uses three simple steps:

  1. Liposuction
  2. Fat Processing
  3. Fat Transfer

Here's what happens in each step of the surgery:

1. Liposuction

The first phase relies heavily on a very common established cosmetic process: liposuction.

Today, patients choose from three types of liposuction including two ultrasound and laser-assisted liposuction procedures.

Fat grafting uses what's called tumescent liposuction or classic liposuction. Tumescent liposuction involves injecting a sterile saline solution into the area worked on to make it easier to suction out the fat.

Liposuction has a recovery time of up to a few weeks. Wearing a compression garment during this time will encourage your swelling to calm down.

2. Fat Processing

This process isn't as simple as suctioning out the fat and sending it to another area of the body.

In between these phases, your specialist sends the fat through a filtration process. Only the healthiest fat most suitable for grafting is chosen and sent for filtering.

It is difficult to tell how much usable fat a person has before their procedure. This is why cosmetic surgeons urge patients to keep conservative expectations.

3. Fat Injections

Once the filtered fat is ready, the surgeon then injects this fat into its new home on your body.

Doctors complete the process using syringes rather than a scalpel. Syringes target small areas as well as large ones. They also allow tighter control of the distribution of the fat across the body.

What Body Parts Can I Change?

Most patients choose to send their natural fat from the abdomen, waist, lower back, and thighs to their buttocks for a fuller look without the extra pudge on top.

It's also possible to transfer fat from your abdomen to your breasts for a fuller, natural look. However, breast fat transfers come with caveats. The ideal breast augmentation candidate is looking for a small enhancement and already enjoys good bust contour.

Those seeking a more dramatic change in size, shape, and lift won't get the results they want from a fat transfer.

Doctors also frown upon fat transfers to the breast in those with a family history of breast cancer. Injected fat cells blur some cancer screenings and prevent early diagnoses.

Do you have another area in mind? Speak to your preferred specialist to learn whether they can bring your ideas to life.

Are the Results Immediate?

The shape of your butt (or breasts) after four to six months is the shape your surgery achieved.

Patients who undergo fat transfers don't walk out of the clinic with the perfect body. It takes time to find your new shape.

Why does it take so long? The initial swelling after the transfer lasts for several weeks and distorts the intended shape of your breasts or bottom. Remember, swelling also occurs around the fat source, so you won't feel thinner right away.

The use of fat also changes the way your body adapts. The nature of the fat transfer means not all fat stays where the doctor injected it. It takes time to see what fat takes and what your body reabsorbs.

Remember, your results are molded as much during your surgery as they are after leaving the clinic. Choosing an experienced surgeon and carefully following their instructions increases the likelihood of seeing the full results of your work.

What Does a Fat Transfer Feel Like?

Once you get past the swelling and tenderness of the recovery period, you start to enjoy the feeling of an enhanced bottom or breasts.

Past patients found that using fat creates a more natural look and feel than silicone implants. Unlike implants, there's nothing new in your body. Your existing fat moved, but that's it.

How Do I Get the Most from My Butt Lift?

Being an ideal candidate helps you achieve as much as possible from the procedure.

Who are the best candidates? They have these characteristics in common:

  • Genetics or time changed the shape or fullness of your bottom
  • Good health as a general rule
  • Armed with realistic expectations
  • Don't smoke or drink before the surgery
  • Carry enough fat to contribute to the procedure

Your chosen Miami fat transfer specialist works with you to determine whether the method is right for you.

Following your specialist's instructions is the other way to get the most from your fat transfer.

Cosmetic surgeons ask patients to:

  • Avoiding sitting or laying on the new fat for several weeks
  • Minimize sitting time for three months
  • Avoid all exercise for six weeks
  • Avoid flying and driving for 7-10 days (up to three weeks)

Spending too much time on your bottom changes the shape and causes your body to reabsorb the fat.

Talk to a Miami Fat Transfer Specialist Today

Fat transfers help you sculpt the shape you want without the use of implants. The procedure removes fat from your problem areas and sends it to where you really want it: your buttocks or breasts.

Do you think you may be a good candidate for a fat transfer? Contact a Miami fat transfer specialist today to start building a better body with what you already have.

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