When Can You Sleep On Your Back after BBL Surgery?

Brazilian butt lifts have become a popular cosmetic procedure among people who are unhappy with their backside. A Brazilian butt lift, also known as a BBL fat transfer, can give individuals the fullness and volume needed in the buttocks region to achieve a more balanced figure. It is a safe and effective butt augmentation that provides a rounder, fuller shape by using a specialized fat grafting process. While many individuals turn to diet and exercise for a more desirable physique, in some cases, a more defined silhouette needs cosmetic intervention, and a BBL fat transfer can be the solution.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso has specialized training in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. At his accredited and state-of-the-art facilities in Miami, FL, Dr. LaGrasso performs many popular procedures, including the Brazilian butt lift.

Patients who opt for a Brazilian butt lift may not know what to do to ensure successful results from Brazilian butt lift recovery time. As with any surgical procedure, it is essential to be prepared, plan ahead, and give yourself time to heal. Read on to learn more about what BBL surgery can do, and what recovery guidelines, including how to sleep at night, should be followed during the healing period to get optimal results.

What is BBL surgery?

A Brazilian butt lift offers women and men the ability to enhance a saggy or flat derriere, which can be the result of genetics, age, gravity, or significant weight loss. At a BBL fat transfer, liposuction is utilized to remove unwanted fat from a different location on the body, such as the upper thighs, flanks, stomach, or hips. Then, the purified fat is injected back into the buttocks area to add fullness and more shape. During the specialized fat grafting and transfer process, Dr. LaGrasso will use an artistic approach to body contouring, ensuring that his patients get natural-looking, enhanced results.

Brazilian butt lift recovery time

BBL fat transfer surgery usually takes about 3 – 4 hours to complete. Once it is completed, patients will wear a compression garment that helps minimize bruising and swelling, and promotes proper blood flow and circulation to start the healing process. Patients will be able to access liposuction sites beneath the compression garment to clean the incision sites at home. It is normal to experience bruising, slight bleeding, some discomfort, and numbness at the sites where fat was harvested and around the buttocks. These are typical side effects of this cosmetic procedure. However, should they persist or get worse, patients should contact the office of Dr. LaGrasso, and speak with a member of our team. The standard recovery period for a BBL fat transfer is about three weeks, which means sitting, squatting, and movements that stretch the buttocks must be avoided. It also involves patients not sleeping on their backs, especially in the first week.

When can I sleep on my back after BBL?

If sitting is unavoidable in this timeframe, do not sit for a prolonged period. When lying down, patients must be on their stomach or side. It may sound like a difficult task, but placing pressure on the target area can destroy or shift transplanted fat. Patients must allow enough time for surrounding tissues, transferred fat cells, and blood vessels to combine and grow strong enough to have a successful fat grafting procedure, which generally takes about 2 – 3 weeks.

Miami, FL patients must follow all post-operative instructions from Dr. LaGrasso to ensure their BBL fat transfer results are a success. Sleeping on your back or sitting directly on your buttocks for the first few weeks will exert pressure, reduce the blood supply, and potentially cause issues with the fat grafting process. Patients who want to start enjoying their fantastic results don't want to risk causing any damage, so it is important to follow your surgeon's instructions during the standard Brazilian butt lift recovery time.

If you are considering a Brazilian butt lift procedure and would like more information, we invite you to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso in Miami, FL. Dr. LaGrasso and his experienced team are committed to patient satisfaction and providing the highest level of care when it comes to your cosmetic procedure. We invite you to contact us and schedule your BBL fat transfer consultation today.

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