What Areas of The Body Can Be Transformed With A Fat Transfer?

Although stubborn pockets of fat in the stomach or thigh area can generally get a bad rap, it can be beneficial in a fat transfer procedure. Today, fat transfer procedures offer safe and beautiful results for augmentation and volume replenishment in areas where fat has diminished with age. This innovative cosmetic option combines multiple body contouring procedures into one single process and is a transformative procedure that can give individuals long-lasting, natural-looking results.

For Miami patients, they can turn to Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. LaGrasso is an expert in body contouring, surgical fat removal with liposuction, and reshaping the body with fat transfer procedures. Individuals can redefine their bodies and achieve their aesthetic goals with this less invasive body contouring option. Here is a look at what areas benefit from a fat transfer and why it is becoming a popular choice for both women and men.

What are the benefits of body contouring with a fat transfer?

Fat transfers, also known as fat grafting procedures, are becoming a popular choice for body contouring help. Patients in the Miami area looking to remove pockets of unwanted fat via liposuction can now use harvested fat to transform another area. Today, fat transfers have become the go-to option, especially for mommy makeover procedures, and here are some reasons why:

  • Body contouring help in more than one area at the same time

  • Dramatic results with a less invasive procedure when compared to traditional augmentation with implants

  • Liposuction and fat injections involve smaller incisions when compared to traditional augmentation with implants

  • Less downtime needed

  • Can be customized to what each patient needs for optimal body sculpting results

  • Permanent body contouring help if patients maintain an ideal weight

What are the target areas for a fat transfer?

Fat transfer procedures utilize unwanted fat from other areas of the body, such as the thighs, back, hips, or abdomen. Fat extracted with a cannula instrument via liposuction is inserted beneath the skin into targeted donor areas. The harvested fat is then purified to allow only healthy fat cells to be used for an augmentation or volume replenishing process. By using small syringes or needles, the fat is injected evenly back into areas deficient of volume or shape in small amounts until the right contour is acquired. Four common areas for a fat transfer are:


A fat transfer can rejuvenate facial skin, giving patients more volume to deflated skin with natural-looking results. Instead of an injectable filler, patients can opt to use their fat to eliminate laugh lines around the mouth, plump up their cheeks or lips, and reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.


The back of the hands is one of the most common areas to show the signs of aging. The "padding" on the back of the hands becomes thinner as individuals get older. While dermal fillers can help restore loss of volume, a fat transfer can have the same effect — it is a more natural way to give a person's hands a more youthful appearance and rejuvenated look.

Breast augmentation

Women can forgo breast implants and get a modest boost of volume to their chest with a fat transfer. A fat transfer can even improve minor breast deformities that have occurred due to biopsies or balance out asymmetrical breasts. A fat transfer can be highly effective and less invasive, but women wanting a significant increase in breast size may need to consider breast implants for augmentation.

Brazilian butt lift

With its surge in popularity in recent years, Miami women and men have been gravitating to butt augmentation with a fat transfer. Patients can dramatically enhance their lower body with a Brazilian butt lift, also known as a BBL, by using harvested fat to give their derrière the boost it needs and get the curves they always wanted.

How long do fat transfer results last?

Once targeted fat cells are extracted from donor areas with liposuction, they are permanently eliminated as long as patients maintain their current weight. The healthy fat cells transferred are considered a living substance. During the first six weeks, a small portion of fat will be naturally absorbed by the body, but the fat cells that survive will continue to exist and thrive in their new location. Like with most body contouring procedures, patients need to continue living a healthy lifestyle and staying active to maintain their fantastic fat transfer results.

Whether you are a woman looking to have a mommy makeover with a fat transfer or merely wanting a Brazilian butt lift, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso in Miami, FL. A fat transfer is a customizable approach to give your body a boost in more than one area at the same time with minimal scarring and downtime. During a private consultation, you can discuss your cosmetic goals, and Dr. LaGrasso will devise the right course of action so you can love the way you look. Call our office today.

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