Want A Tighter Tummy? Our Checklist For A Successful Tummy Tuck Surgery.

If you are dealing with loose skin, a hard to get rid of pooch, and other common problems in your lower abdomen that cannot be corrected with diet and exercise, a tummy tuck could be your solution. It is easier now more than ever to get a toned, flat stomach with a little cosmetic help. With advancements in medical technology and surgical skills, plastic surgeons have various tummy tuck techniques they can offer their patients in order to customize the procedure and give them the best results. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso is a leading body contouring expert and offers Miami, FL men and women these guidelines so you can effectively transform your midsection.

What exactly does a tummy tuck do?

A tummy tuck, also known as a abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure performed to remove excess, wrinkled skin, tighten the underlying abdominal muscles (if needed), and remove any unnecessary fatty tissue from the lower abdomen. There are various types of tummy tuck options but in most cases a horizontal incision is made in the lower abdominal area to allow the surgeon to remove the excess skin and fat. In some cases, liposuction is used to further contour the stomach area by removing fatty tissue to give patients better end results. A tummy tuck procedure is typically an outpatient procedure and you can return home the same day. Scarring from the incision is generally hidden under your undergarments or bathing suit.

What is your end goal for a tummy tuck?

At your initial consultation with a Miami area board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. LaGrasso, it is recommended you come armoured with questions and know what you want to change about your midsection. Coming to your consultation knowing what you want to change and how you want it to look when you are done provides dialogue between you and your surgeon. The surgeon can then give their feedback on what they recommend, what tummy tuck procedure you may need, and what they feel your overall results will look like.

Am I a right fit for a tummy tuck?

You may be wondering if you are the right fit for this procedure. At your consultation, your surgeon will help determine if a tummy tuck is a solution for your cosmetic concerns. For example, have you managed an ideal body weight but are still struggling to have a flatter stomach? Have you been pregnant and are dealing with loose skin, stretch marks or weakened abdominal muscles in your midsection? Have you lost a significant amount of weight and now have folds of skin that hang in your abdominal area? Are you dealing with changes to your body, notably in your midsection, due to getting older and need some extra help outside of a healthy diet and regular exercise to look slimmer? These are all valid questions and ones that may help you determine if you are a likely candidate to benefit from a tummy tuck procedure and which type.

Why is a tummy tuck needed?

Just like any cosmetic surgery, a tummy tuck is a personal choice. When patients are bothered by their lower abdominal area to a point where they feel self-conscious or realize that no matter what they do, the issues cannot be resolved, cosmetic surgery often becomes a next step. In Miami, this cosmetic treatment is highly popular. It can remove the unwanted belly pooch, help minimize flanks and love handles, diminish the appearance of stretch marks, and leave a toned, flat, smooth stomach that was not attainable before.

Know the various tummy tuck options...

Once you realize you may be a good fit for a tummy tuck procedure, if is a good idea to know the different types prior to your consultation. Knowing beforehand what each one entails is beneficial to the patient. In some cases, patients only need a mini tummy tuck to get amazing results. This is a shortened version of a traditional tummy tuck involving a smaller lower abdominal incision just under the belly button (which is not repositioned) and has a quicker recovery. A traditional tummy tuck, is the most popular, and requires an incision from hip to hip with repositioning the belly button. Excess skin and fatty tissue is removed and in certain cases the use of liposuction is needed to give patients the contouring results they desire. Finally, patients needing special help with their upper torso can benefit from a reverse tummy tuck. Or there is an extended tummy tuck, for Miami patients needing more than what a traditional tummy tuck can offer, to contour a larger section of the abdominal area and utilize liposuction to remove significant amounts of fatty tissue.

If you have decided you want to consider a tummy tuck procedure your first steps should be finding the right plastic surgeon and making sure you are a healthy, non-smoking adult at an ideal body weight. All of these factors are key to making sure your procedure has the best outcome. Your surgical care for this procedure is the number one priority to ensure your end results. Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso, is a highly recommended and board-certified plastic surgeon in the Miami area. He has transformed men and women to beautify their midsections and take back their appearance with a tummy tuck procedure. His professional staff and accredited plastic surgery facility will make sure you are taken care of and that you love the way you look! Call or schedule your tummy tuck consultation with Dr. LaGrasso today!

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