Know Before You Go: All About Liposuction and Fat Transfer

There are a variety of body contouring procedures available today to boost a person’s self-confidence and overall appearance. Every year, millions of people seek the perfect cosmetic treatment to fulfill their needs. The latest buzz in Miami is about fat transfer or fat grafting, also known as autologous tissue transfer.

By utilizing a patient’s own unwanted fat, certain target areas can be replenished with added volume. Fat grafting provides a safe, less invasive, long-lasting option that both women and men can enjoy. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso is one of the leading body contouring experts in Miami, FL. Here is a more in-depth look at what you can expect from a fat transfer procedure.

What is a fat transfer procedure?

Surgical contouring is on the rise with fat grafting augmentation. Patients in Miami can eliminate unwanted fat in certain areas with liposuction and utilize that fatty tissue to enhance other areas that lack volume. Fat transfer involves harvesting fat from troublesome spots like the stomach, hips, or thighs, then purifying it to be carefully injected into areas to increase volume and shape. Fat transfer without surgery can help individuals gain volume in their breasts, buttocks, lips, face, and hands.

Is a fat transfer safe?

Fat transfer is a natural way for individuals to give their bodies a subtle level of augmentation and shape. Excess fat is removed with liposuction and transferred to other areas of the body. One of the main benefits of fat grafting is that there are fewer risks associated with this procedure. By utilizing a patient’s own body fat, there is less chance of infection or rejection like with implants. The liposuction incisions are also very small, so patients are able to recover relatively quickly and get back to their normal routine.

A fat transfer without surgery

Excess fat is one of the most beneficial and well-tolerated fillers available in today’s cosmetic world. Certain areas of the body act as donor sites for the augmentation process. With a small cannula instrument, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. LaGrasso performs liposuction as the first part of this body contouring procedure. The harvested fat is then purified to be a long-lasting, natural filler for other areas of the body. During the injection process, Dr. LaGrasso will slowly massage the target area to enable fat deposits to settle in compact layers for the best results. This layering technique, when properly performed by an experienced surgeon, has proven to slow down the absorption process so patients can enjoy their results for a longer time.

Am I a candidate for fat transfer?

A fat transfer is ideal for patients who need volume enhancement in certain areas but want to forgo implants. It can be a more natural-looking option than implants that is also less invasive. Although minor scars do occur, experienced surgeons like Dr. LaGrasso will do their best to place extraction and injection incisions in places that can be concealed by clothing. Healthy, non-smoking adults who have a sufficient amount of unwanted fat in donor areas can consider fat grafting as a body contouring option.

Before and after fat transfer

Before the procedure, healthy adults should maintain their current weight after their consultation with Dr. LaGrasso. Liposuction is not a weight-loss solution, but a body contouring procedure that can eliminate certain pockets of unwanted fatty tissue. This procedure is typically done under general anesthesia when performed on larger areas, while smaller areas can be done under local anesthesia or IV sedation. As for the fat transfer recovery, it varies by individual, the number of areas treated, and how much fat was grafted. After the procedure, Dr. LaGrasso and his professional team will provide postoperative guidelines that may include avoiding sitting or lying on incision sites for a certain period of time. Patients may also experience swelling and slight bruising at the lipo extraction and fat injection sites, which will subside in 2 – 3 weeks. A follow-up appointment with Dr. LaGrasso will be scheduled to check on the patient's progress.

Together, liposuction and a fat transfer can offer patients a natural enhancement without the need for implants. It's a body contouring procedure that allows both women and men to reshape and redefine more than one area at the same time. Although it is a less invasive option for body augmentation, it still requires a doctor with experience and surgical skill. It's important to find the right surgical care in order to get the right results from your fat grafting experience.

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