How Does Brachioplasty Minimize Bat Wings?

Many individuals are uncomfortable with the appearance of their upper arms. Sometimes, this means people will avoid certain clothing items such as short-sleeved tops and bathing suits. An arm lift could increase your self-confidence and save you from feeling limited in your clothing options. Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who can tighten the skin of the upper arms, so they look more youthful and toned.

So what is brachioplasty, and can patients use plastic surgery to remove bat wings? During this procedure, Dr. LaGrasso creates an incision from the elbow to the underarm to address excess fat and skin. If you would like to find out how to get rid of bat wings at Jeffrey LaGrasso M.D. in Miami, FL, we encourage you to schedule a personal consultation with our team today. We hope to provide you with aesthetic options that meet your goals.

Ideal candidates for brachioplasty

As we age, natural collagen production starts to diminish. This causes the skin to begin sagging, making the arms appear similar to bat wings. Brachioplasty can counteract these effects by tightening the skin. This surgery can be performed on a wide variety of patients, including individuals who just completed a weight loss journey. Loose or excess skin may be causing problems, such as chafing or irritation. Dr. LaGrasso can review your problem areas and determine if arm lift surgery is right for you.

Because weight fluctuations can change the amount of skin and fat present in the body, brachioplasty candidates are encouraged to achieve their goal weight before undergoing this procedure. This allows Dr. LaGrasso to produce the best outcome possible. Good candidates should also understand that plastic surgery to remove bat wings is not necessarily a substitution for a healthy diet and exercise plan. Patients should expect to maintain their enhanced results on a long-term basis.

How arm lift surgery is performed

Brachioplasty can smooth out the skin of the upper arms to give patients a satisfying look. This procedure is accomplished by tightening the tissue after removing any extra skin and fat. In some cases, the armpit also needs to be surgically tightened. To begin, patients are put under general anesthesia at our facility in Miami, FL. This outpatient surgery takes an average of two hours to complete, although some individuals may require an overnight stay afterward. Once the area is treated, the arm is protected with a medical compression garment. This will help with future side effects, such as swelling and bruising.

About the recovery process

Much like any other cosmetic surgery, patients need to recover properly following brachioplasty. The staff at Jeffrey LaGrasso M.D. will dress your arms and make sure you understand any recovery guidelines before releasing you to return home. Patients can keep their arms elevated to promote blood circulation and help with inflammation. The good news is that patients can see the results of their arm lift surgery almost right away. Any bat wings you previously had should be greatly reduced or gone altogether. With proper care, your arms should return to normal function after several weeks.

What about scarring?

Plastic surgery to remove bat wings does require incisions – which means patients should expect some scarring as part of the procedure. Even though most people believe the benefits of surgery outweigh any scars, Dr. LaGrasso does make every effort to hide the incisions in natural creases, so any scarring will be minimal. For post-surgery care, we can also provide information about topical ointments that can assist in healing. Patients should avoid sunlight exposure and use a high-SPF sunscreen whenever they go outside. This will prevent problems, such as discoloration, at the surgical sites.

Learn how to get rid of bat wings

Want to know how to get rid of bat wings? When sagging upper arm skin causes irritation or makes it difficult to wear the clothing you want, Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso offers a new solution in the form of arm lift surgery. This procedure is designed to tighten the underlying tissue to make you appear years younger. If you would like to find out how to get started with this procedure, contact a member of our team for a consultation in Miami, FL. Jeffrey LaGrasso M.D. is a state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery center serving all kinds of patients in Miami, FL. We can help you achieve toned, well-defined upper arms with brachioplasty.

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