Brazilian Butt Lifts - Everything you were afraid to ask (and more!)

Brazilian butt lifts are so popular that you may have even heard the saying, “It’s the year of the rear.” This cosmetic surgery, which currently is one of the most-requested procedures performed by Miami-based board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso, uses a patient's own fat that is extracted via liposuction, purified, and then transferred into the buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift, also known as a BBL, produces well-proportioned, curvy hips complimented by a rounded backside. Achieving a shapely, sexy silhouette, similar to many celebrities, is now attainable for the everyday person.

BBL 101

For men or women in Miami who are seeking a balanced bottom and an extra boost in their self-confidence, the BBL is a great option. The procedure is performed via a fat transfer, which is aimed to create a cohesive appearance from the upper body and down. Fat cells are removed via liposuction from areas of the body such as the abdomen, flanks, and back. The fat is then injected into the buttocks via small incisions, massaged, and conformed to the patient’s size and shape - which is all discussed before the procedure during a consultation with a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. LaGrasso.

The end goal is to enhance the bottom by gaining volume and protrusion in the central and upper portions of the buttocks. For those who have long been displeased with the size and shape of their behind, a Brazilian butt lift also may ultimately bolster confidence in their appearance.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso collaborates with patients at his surgery center in Miami, FL to listen to their goals and set realistic outcomes for their BBL surgery. Before meeting with a plastic surgeon, it is not uncommon to have potentially embarrassing questions. Read below as we cover some of the burning questions you may be too afraid to ask.

How will my butt look in a bikini?

One of the biggest advantages of the BBL is its fantastic ability to make you look fabulous in your clothing. However, as with any surgery, the final results take time. Your bikini bottom may take a little longer to show through as your new rear eases into its final position. Commonly known as the fluffing stage, and typically after about three months post-surgery, the rear becomes soft and full as the last bit of swelling subsides. During this final stage, patients see more booty projection coupled with a rounded shape. At this point, your new bikini body is ready to show off.

Will my butt feel and look natural?

Unlike butt implants, a Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat, known as a fat transfer, to increase tissue layers within the backside. Your buttocks will look and feel natural post-surgery. During the first few months, many patients experience tightness, but this firmness will subside in time, and your new rear will resume its fluid movements.

Can I wear jeans?

During your consultation with Dr. LaGrasso, he will review realistic expectations for recovery time. Typically, most surgeons suggest a waiting period of about eight weeks before attempting to wear tight clothing, like jeans. It is essential to take proper care of your new repurposed behind and not affect your final outcome by trying to squeeze into tight clothing too early. Most plastic surgeons recommend wearing loose fitting and comfortable clothing during the healing stage. While every patient's recovery time is different, in general, you do not want your jeans to be tighter than the compression garment you wear after surgery. During your follow up appointments, Dr. LaGrasso will assess your recovery and let you know when you can resume wearing regular garments, including tight-fitting clothes.

How do I sit?

During the first three weeks following surgery, patients in Miami who undergo a BBL should avoid sitting directly on your rear to avoid losing volume and risk the transferred fat cells dying too rapidly. Sitting and/or laying down must be done with the weight of the body placed primarily on the thighs. Sounds hard, right? One trick patients may try is to sit on a towel. By rolling the towel into a cylinder shape, and placing it underneath your thighs while sitting, weight is kept off the butt. Boppy pillows are also useful tools to reduce pressure from the surgical site. Other patients spend time lying down on their front side during the recovery process. Light walking can also provide swelling relief and change of scenery.

How do I sleep after a BBL?

Sleeping during the first few weeks after a BBL follows the same rules as sitting. Pay attention to your sleep positions and avoid resting on your back as it applies too much pressure to the buttock region. Dr. LaGrasso will provide you with post-surgical care instructions, including recommended resting positions. During this period, sleeping on your side or back should be avoided.

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is in high demand. Men and women in Miami who are unhappy with their existing flat or saggy butts enjoy the fantastic results of this surgery. Finding the right plastic surgeon to help you achieve those results is critical. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso, is dedicated to helping patients in Miami, FL look and feel their best. We are here to answer all your questions regarding the BBL and invite you to contact our surgery center to learn more about the possibilities that exist with this exciting procedure.

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