Abdominal Etching, Can I Really Get Sculpted Abs With Cosmetic Surgery?

A highly-targeted cosmetic procedure, abdominal etching takes liposuction to a new level. Also referred to as ab sculpting or “six-pack” liposculpture, this specialized liposuction procedure is ideal for athletic individuals that need a little extra help getting the chiseled abs they always wanted. Miami, FL board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso specializes in abdominal etching and other aspects of the body that can be sculpted using VASER hi-def liposuction. Here is some helpful information on what this procedure can do, the recovery, and who is the right candidate in order to help you decide if this cosmetic treatment can help create the abdominal definition you always wanted!

The perks of Ab Etching

If all you need is a little slimming so you can attain a flatter midsection, then traditional liposuction may be a good solution for you. However, if you need a little extra help with getting those chiseled abs that you see at the gym or in fitness magazines, then abdominal etching using high-definition liposuction may be a better solution. A popular procedure for women and men who have achieved all they can with their exercise regimen but desire a little extra help “fine tuning” their abdominal area, ab etching using the VASER hi-def lipo system can create visible rippling, shadows, and that much-wanted etched look. Abdominal etching is a form of modern plastic surgery that can remove those last few small pockets of stubborn fatty tissue covering up the ab muscles you want revealed and with surgeon skill, the remaining fat is maneuvered and repositioned to allow for the defined look you want. This ab sculpting technique can take the look of your abdominal area to the next level.

Am I the right “fit” for this procedure

A good candidate for this procedure is already physically fit. You should be healthy, in good shape, and maintain a body fat index (BMI) of around 18 (give or take). Abdominal etching can be performed for either gender who want to attain a more ripped, chiseled look. This highly specialized cosmetic procedure gives athletic individuals an option to remove small pockets of fat in their abdominal area so they can obtain those “washboard” abs. It gives patients who are in relatively good shape, the opportunity to achieve a more defined abdomen that looks naturally more muscular. Ab etching is not an everyday liposuction procedure. Surgeon skill and post-surgical care are both important factors for patients to consider carefully when contemplating hi-definition liposuction.

Surgical skill is important

Abdominal etching is a cosmetic procedure that can give an athletic individual a more defined abdominal appearance but the plastic surgeon behind this specialized form of liposuction is a top priority. Dr. LaGrasso is a highly skilled and experienced Miami, FL plastic surgeon using both traditional liposuction for certain candidates, as well as offering this specialized fat reduction treatment using VASER liposuction. His excellent surgical skills along with a creative and artistic eye can create and form chiseled abs for his Miami, FL patients, using VASER. He is board-certified and experienced in this modern cosmetic treatment to help reveal the abdominal “wow-factor” his patients desire.

The VASER Hi Def results...
The VASER technique takes traditional liposuction to another level by fine tuning certain areas of the body in more detail. With the aid of a local anesthetic, extremely small incisions are “etched” into a patient’s abdominal area and a VASER probe is inserted into the fat. Emitting ultrasonic waves it will gently break down the fat cells. One aspect of VASER that makes it a popular choice, is that it does not affect nearby tissue. In addition, it also stimulates collagen, which can lead to a smoother, tighter skin surface over time. Once the fat that needs to be removed is melted and suctioned out, Dr. LaGrasso uses the probe to then sculpt and fine tune the areas around the ab muscles. Using a very special surgical technique, he is able to create a more defined ab look and position the lines and angles on the lower and upper abdominal area so it looks defined and natural. With a qualified and trained plastic surgeon, VASER hi-definition liposuction can carve out the underlying ab muscles revealing a chiseled look.

The recovery and will the results last

After this treatment, it takes a couple weeks for patients to recover and it could take a few weeks longer for the full results to reveal themselves. However, after surgery the new rippled look is evident almost immediately. This procedure usually takes about an hour with patients being able to go home the same day. Most patients typically experience slight discomfort, swelling, and bruising at the target areas, which normally subsides in a few days. Strenuous exercising and any heavy lifting should be avoided during the recovery period or for at least 3 weeks. Patients can love their new look from abdominal etching as long as their current physical fitness and current weight is maintained.

So do you eat right, regularly exercise but just can’t get those washboard abs? Well then abdominal etching can be your solution to taking your abs to the next level. This less invasive procedure, compared to traditional liposuction, offers a quicker recovery and dramatic abdominal results with the help from a qualified plastic surgeon. If you are ready to have well-defined midsection then Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso can help you get natural-looking, well-defined abs. His state-of-the-art plastic surgery facility in Miami/Dade County offers this modern liposuction technique to give fit, athletic people the chiseled abs they always desired. If you are interested in this specific procedure call or schedule your abdominal etching consultation with Dr. LaGrasso today!

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