Will a Tummy Tuck Get Rid of Excess Loose Skin?

When people lose a significant amount of weight, it can be a hard accomplishment with many rewards. Suddenly, they may find themselves engaging in a more active lifestyle and feel comfortable about how they look in clothing. However, a dramatic change in weight may present many with an unwelcome side effect: loose or heavy excess skin. Plastic surgery such as a tummy tuck can help rid this skin while improving the contour of the abdomen. Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck procedures are a game-changer as it further flattens the stomach to give patients the complete look they worked so hard to achieve.

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso is a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon who offers the transformative tummy tuck surgery for women and men in the Miami area. The initial step involves meeting Dr. LaGrasso at a one-on-one consultation. During this time, he will detail the ins and outs of abdominoplasty and determine if it can be beneficial for you. If you are considering a tummy tuck, read below for helpful information about tummy tucks and how it can address loose skin.

Tummy tuck candidacy and procedure

You may be wondering if a tummy tuck is the right surgery for you. Ideal abdominoplasty candidates should be at or near their ideal weight as it should not be used as a weight-loss solution. Also, tummy tuck patients need a healthy skin tone, good general health, and are unhappy with their abdomen despite their diligence with diet and exercise. A tummy tuck can also resolve small pockets of fat in the lower abdomen as well as loose skin. This is achieved with the addition of liposuction performed simultaneously, saving you recovery time so you can enjoy your improved belly sooner.

To perform a tummy tuck, Dr. LaGrasso begins by making an incision around the navel from hip bone to hip bone. Next, the muscles are tightened along the weakened abdominal wall. Dr. LaGrasso removes loose skin and tightens the abdomen to contour the stomach area. The extent of the procedure depends on the amount of skin and fatty tissue that need to be excised. During your consultation in Miami, FL, you can more about this surgery including if you are a candidate.

Customized options for your body type

There are three styles of tummy tucks, including a full, mini, and extended tuck. Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso strives to help ensure maximum patient satisfaction by making thin and well-placed incisions that limit the appearance of scarring. A full tuck addresses issues in the upper and lower abdomen, while a mini tuck meets concerns with loose skin along the lower abdomen. An extended tummy tuck is the method of choice for improving the abdomen, hips, and upper thighs. Dr. LaGrasso will suggest the method that can deliver you the most optimal results. If you have any additional questions about tummy tuck surgery for loose skin or more, our team is here to assist you.

Your tummy tuck recovery

Abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia in one of the four on-site operating rooms at Dr. LaGrasso’s medical facility. When this outpatient procedure is completed, you will be monitored and then released to rest comfortably in your own home. Patients will wear a compression garment around the abdomen to help reduce swelling and speed up healing time. You may feel discomfort and some pain after the tummy tuck, so it is essential to take any prescribed pain medication. This is your time to rest and recover at your own rate. After a couple of weeks, you can return to your routine as normal. Exercise can resume closer to six weeks, once cleared by Dr. LaGrasso.

Say goodbye to loose skin

Loose skin around the abdomen is one of the most common reasons why patients consider plastic surgery. Miami area patients understand that it can be almost impossible to get rid of excess abdominal skin without professional help. Age definitely has an effect on our skin’s ability to be firm and tight. A tummy tuck is one of the few procedures that can help you sculpt a slim and toned midsection.

Are you ready for tight abdominals?

Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso features the perfect combination of exceptional training and attention to detail that makes him one of the most well-known and respected board-certified plastic surgeons in the Miami, FL area. If you are tired of looking at excess loose skin along your midsection, then a tummy tuck could be your solution. Feel proud about the way you look and reap the benefits of the hard work you put in at the gym the next time you wear your bathing suit around the pool. This sought-after surgery produces amazing results and can finally give you flat and toned abdominals. If you want to improve your body after major weight loss or pregnancy, contact Dr. LaGrasso today to learn more.

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