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Miami, FL board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso considers it a personal challenge to help men and women find just the right plastic surgeries to achieve their aesthetic goals. Who better to ask about their experience than from former patients themselves? In this section, we have made their review and testimonials available to you, and who can verify that Dr. LaGrasso and his impressive medical staff all understand the importance of being professional, skilled, and compassionate in the world of surgical care. In his state-of-the-art facility with 4 operating rooms, Dr. LaGrasso can help you look your very best, and gain an energized self-confidence that comes with your new look. Take this opportunity to see what others are saying about their transformative experiences with private consultations, successful outcomes of procedures, staff, end results, and much more through these personal testimonials from patients.

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Review from D.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Aug 21, 2013

Lipo & BBL with Dr. LaGrasso - Aventura, FL - I was exploring the idea of getting lipo back in January 2013. In April I saw an ad for a sale at Dr. Pascual's office for $1,800.00 for lipo. Prior to the ad I had set a budget of $4,000.00 for the procedure so $1,800.00 sounded great. I went to the office for a consult. I met with Lorraine, she is great. She is very informative about weight loss, hcg and dieting. She suggested that I get back and flanks, in addition to stomach. I originally was only going to do the stomach. She also said for $2,000.00 more I could get BBL. I had no idea what bbl was. She showed me some pictures and I was sold. I met with Dr. Lagrasso who informed me that I would be a good candidate for both lipo and fat transfer. Dr. L is a young Dr., very personable and friendly. He had warm hands answered what few questions I had. They were few b/c I knew nothing of bbl.I went home spoke with the DH and started looking online for info. April 13, 2013 I put my $1,000.00 deposit down for a August 1, 2013 date. I am 5'6" tall and was 165 lbs. I wanted to lose about 9 lbs. before lipo. My regular weight is 135 lbs. that is before this great weight gain. Instead I gained 6lbs., and was not sure what to do, was thinking about getting later date . During this time I joined RS and learned so much. I also became excited about getting it done so I went ahead.I went in for my 2 week pre-sx visit and was informed that the date I put my deposit down for was not available. I was very upset b/c DH had taken time from work and kids were away. We had planned on that date. I was also told that I had to get medical clearance from my primary before I was guaranteed my date. What !?! No one said anything about that. The young lady said someone should have told me. She said Lorraine should have. I think the person taking my $ should have. I think anyone should have before they took my non-refundable $1,000.00. If I did not get clearance I could use that money for other things in their office. This was the first sign of things to come. So I did not pay the balance at that time I had to run around to get blood work and see my primary to get clearance. I must say that I was highly up-set that in 4 months no one could tell me what I need. Anyway, blood work & EKG was good, got clearance and Aug 6 date. More

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